Multi-Passions… What do you wanna be when you grow up?

I can bake, it’s like designing 🙂 … Multi-Passions anyone? Yeah so… Being multi-passioned is a thing, I knew it already, but I guess I really never fully understood how it works, until hit me in the face. People like to do stuff besides their job, it’s call having a hobby, some people even have … More Multi-Passions… What do you wanna be when you grow up?

Road Trip – Maine

Summer time… Camping, walking, beaching, hiking, exploring, etc… All the greatness of the outdoors and the time off. But we were craving some ocean, beaches around here can be fun don’t get me wrong, but when ocean is needed, don’t ignore the feeling, just drive towards it 🙂 and that’s what we did. I had 2 … More Road Trip – Maine

Summer Treats

Have you ever find yourself craving sugar, just when you get home from work, or is it only me? Well, I am  big fan of anything sweet, but I am also aware of the danger of putting inside of your body highly processed foods. So, I am very glad I also love fruits and lately have … More Summer Treats