DIY pallet wall decoration 

Well, since I don’t love the idea of hanging too many picture frames in every wall, some little project here and there can fill the space in a more original way, I also like to be realistic and face the fact that most of my plants die! and if I’ll be hanging them over my pretty couch, chances are that not much water will be given to those poor things, so let’s keep it simple and find some plants that last forever (but don’t look too cheesy).

All you need is:

  • Mason Jars
  • Soup Cans
  • Chalky paint (like this or really any kind will work, is up to your taste and current decoration)
  • Hose Clamps (get them here)
  • Barn wood /pallet

Diy pallet project wall flowers
Diy pallet project wall flowers
First, I started saving some cans from soups and such, when I had 4 of the same size I got 4 mason jars as well. Then, based on the wood Mark helped me find and the colours of my living room I picked some chalky paint for the makeover of the jars/cans.

So, paint done, jars and cans attached to the wood using some hose clamps… which at the end I decided that 3 of each looked better than 4, it was time find some plants. These ones are from Ikea and Michaels. Distributed, mixed and matched they ended up looking pretty cute and filling that empty wall on the living room. Super easy DIY, winter is the time to get  crafty anyway, so I hope you have fun!

Diy pallet project wall flowers

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Diy pallet project wall flowers


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