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Road Trip – Maine

Road Trip – Maine

Summer time… Camping, walking, beaching, hiking, exploring, etc… All the greatness of the outdoors and the time off. But we were craving some ocean, beaches around here can be fun don’t get me wrong, but when ocean is needed, don’t ignore the feeling, just drive towards it 🙂 and that’s what we did.




I had 2 weeks off, Mark had one… So we plan a little camping trip to Maine, it’s sort of a short drive, and we were just on time to book our little spot on a campground that was walking distance to the beach, that way once the car was parked on day one, we wouldn’t have to move it again. Best camping spot, waterfront and surrounded by trees, so we didn’t really had neighbors… I don’t hate people, but I also enjoy privacy.




Old Orchad Beach… We heard that tons of people from Quebec go there, but we had no idea, everyone in town was from Quebec, for real, french was everywhere. Oh well, we went for the beach after all. First day was a little chilli, most of the road was raining so we just took a swim at the pool, got some hot tube time, BBQ at the campground and then walk to the little town.









The view from the pier was amazing, all that old school fair was beautiful, brings some kind of nostalgic feelings, sounds cheesy but makes me feel like in a movie; all those lights spinning, going up and down, little carts moving, the sound of far away laughs vanishing in the wind, just beautiful.

We basically spent 3 days napping at the beach, playing at the arcade and BBQing… Beach was very needed, beach is what we got. Definetly will go back, maybe will stay and explore a different campground, hotel or AirBnb, but the destination is totally worth it, specially because I’m a bit of a fool for those kind of old school arcade places and amusement parks 😀

Last day the plan was just to go and explore Portland. He had some fish and chips, salads,veeeeery cold drinks for lunch, then just  coffees to walk in the afternoon and basically enjoy every single window, alley, bench and local history, which this town is full of… You know, those little signs and infographics everywhere explaining a bit of what happened once upon a time at the place you’re standing.







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