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Just like you

I am just like you, another story of that girl who _________.

And just like you I consider myself unique, we all have a story to tell and it will never be the same. Just like you, I have goals, ambitions, a past, a passion, many interests, couple of skills, and a cat.

So, just like you, what makes me unique is that mix of events and stories accumulated over the years. And also, just like you I like to try many things I see online, in a magazine, walking down the street, you name it… I like to test those very cute DIY projects I constantly see on Pinterest, usually tweaking the steps a bit.


So welcome to my story, I have so many constant conversations with myself, usually walking from the metro/subway to work… And they are not so bad, pretty random, but I realized, I talk to myself a lot, usually in Spanish, but sometimes I challenge myself to do it in English (inventing words here and there) or even in French, always reminding me to later translate some word I don’t know and of course always forgetting to do it.

So, having a blog (for a very few years now, with basically nothing on it), why not write all those thoughts? Maybe they will be read just by me and my friend Sandra (Hi Sandra!)… but just by letting them out at least my mind will have some peace.

Back to Pinterest, I’m gonna start sharing my success…. And Fail stories, I really like craftiness, my favourite part of the day, week, month, is when I sit in front of materials and a new project is in my head… Stay tuned!

Did I mention I’m totally obsessed baking? like for real, sugar cookies, rice crispie treats, cake pops, cakes…

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