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Road Trip – Maine

Road Trip – Maine

Summer time… Camping, walking, beaching, hiking, exploring, etc… All the greatness of the outdoors and the time off. But we were craving some ocean, beaches around here can be fun don’t get me wrong, but when ocean is needed, don’t ignore the feeling, just drive […]

Back to school style… Best finds :)

Back to school style… Best finds :)

It’s back to school season, which for me means 2 things: 1. Work is crazy, overtime is happening, stress is showing again among coworkers… I work in the school photography industry, so this is the busiest time of the year; and 2. Office Supplies shopping, […]

Cinco de Mayo… On the Siete de Mayo

So, may was about the start, we still hadn’t had a house warming party or anything, weather started to be pretty decent, we’ve been baking a lot, working on different recipes… So, timing was perfect to have a party and since my obssesion with themes […]

Just like you

I am just like you, another story of that girl who _________. And just like you I consider myself unique, we all have a story to tell and it will never be the same. Just like you, I have goals, ambitions, a past, a passion, […]

Weekend Getaway… NYC

It was the beginning of May, I was overwhelm at work (lots of shitty days too), super busy with school, and well, you know, stress starts to show up… So, we took the weekend to go walk around and play tourists in the Big Apple. […]

Black and White Artistry… Autumn

Some Off season pictures… They are from October when we went Pumpkin picking, it was a lot of fun for sure, but for some reason I didn’t share the pictures then, and well since I used them for my Black and White Artistry class.. They […]

Warhol at the Montreal Museum of Fine Arts

Is not like I’ve been in thousands of Warhol expos but every time I go see one, I see it completely different, with different eyes, but I figured that the only reason is because every time I’ve been in a different moment of my life. […]

Back in the summer… Hampton Beach, NH

  Once upon a time, the weather was gentle, it was called “summer”.. Dreamy boy+awesome people = Sweeeet weekend  

I’m Back!!!

So, yeap… I’ m back. After being a little busy for over 10 weeks , I decided that if u want something, well… Make it happen!

According to Instagram!!!

According to Instagram!!!

Salut! it’s been something around a month a half since I moved out from home and was adopted by my new one… MontrĂ©al! and according to Instagram this is how my live looks so far đŸ™‚ (click on the images if you are no seeing […]