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Follow the Sprinkles in Youtube

Follow the Sprinkles in Youtube

Hi dear reader,

Well, I’ve decided to experiment a little and start a youtube channel. It is exiting as it is scary, I’m more of a “behind the cameras” type of person, but I also want to share my projects in a maybe more personal way and why not, step out of my confort zone, after all, confort zone gets itchy at times.

What things will I be sharing?

Delicious and easy recipes… On the baking side, all kind of cake pops, cookies, tips and tricks for your cakes, and new creations; also healthy recipes that are fast and convinient. DIY projects will have a space too, because as you know, I like to keep myself busy, mainly it will be projects for your home and parties 🙂

Basically everything you can find in this Blog but in a video format, same style and same brain behind it. Videos are oriented to people like me, what does that mean? well, it has been in my 20’s where I’ve learned the most by myself (and about myself), and that has happen thanks to research (aka google “how to…”) or asking to the right people. I’m not an expert in any matter, but I know a little bit on different subjects, so I hope that my little knowledge can add some value to the other little something you already know.

I hope you like it and please subscribe, Currently working on all the content that will start coming in April!

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