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Multi-Passions… What do you wanna be when you grow up?

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I can bake, it’s like designing 🙂 … Multi-Passions anyone?

Yeah so… Being multi-passioned is a thing, I knew it already, but I guess I really never fully understood how it works, until hit me in the face. People like to do stuff besides their job, it’s call having a hobby, some people even have multiple hobbies. Some others like so much what they do for living that they’re focus on it all the time, do stuff related to that passion, read books about it, watch movies about it and have friends who are into it too.

I tend to feel lost every now and then,

because I keep finding “stuff” I fall for, I get really into, I start learning about, but many times I quit, mainly out of fear, it’s scary that giving my attention to something new might make me sloppy in what I’m supposed to be doing instead, in some cases I’ve been able to justify it and it has always paid off, justifying how my new passion can be link or somehow related to my current main occupation. If there’s something I’m sure about, is that everything you learn, no matter when or where, will always be useful… Like my dad says, “you may or may not have things (aka stuff), but knowledge will always be with you” and I agree, and besides, learning is the best way to exercise your brain.

How do I justify? well… When I was getting my major in Advertising, the program wasn’t too strong in making us know software very deep, so I started taking classes from a different program, and at the end I graduated with 2 degrees and a very solid software knowledge. The 2 programs where somehow related, but by the end my formation I was more solid in certain areas and I had skills my peers didn’t, then I started freelancing thanks to what I’ve learned in both programs mixed together. When I first started University, my degree was going to be in International Affairs, but back then I felt my true calling was editing videos, brainstorming creative concepts, being different and more of a creative soul, so after 2 years I changed schools and majors, I was 20 and unexperienced but I don’t regret.

Then I knew I wanted to do something with make up, but not pretty make up, more like Special Effects make up, but never did… Also making videos of events, basically a short film of a wedding, where all the pre-production and staging has been done, just shoot, edit and make magic… I tried it, but the event company I was working with wasn’t very serious and my passion started fading away.  What about making cookies? My family was never a baking family, but after I tried, I wasn’t bad… Oh no wait, jewelry, I’ve always done my own bracelets and for my friends too, besides is relaxing and takes my mind away for anxieties… What about website design? Oh, I already know that, got couple of clients, happy results, but mmm nah, don’t really enjoy it or feel like learning in a deeper level.

Next I know, I’m living in Montreal

competing with tons of other professionals for some job in my field, I know design, I’ve always branded myself and design my own everything… So, long story short, got a job as graphic designer… Got a diploma in Digital Imaging which means kick-ass photoshop, and not long after, I started studying Event decoration online (because also realized how much fun I have at planing, organizing and decorating).

So what do I do?

First, I started to relax a little about “what am I good at?”, “what’s my calling?”, “should I be getting a Master’s by now? people my age are”, “What’s my passion?”. Why am I making it so hard for myself? Well, I’m very responsible, I want to enjoy my everyday, but I also want to start securing my future, after all, years are coming faster than I expected.

Second, I bake! Yes, I bake… Adding all those passions together result in baking! Well, turns out that I’m good at it (and didn’t really know), but also as a designer I’m adding value by making a delicious cake not just delicious but also gorgeous, I spend hours looking at crazy cakes to get inspired, then I learn how to make it happen… When everything happens, I style a little photoshoot, so I use my camera/edit skills, then I give away everything I bake, and since the response I was getting was so good, I started an instagram account and a website, where I use the rest of my skills. So graphic design pays the bills, my mix of passions keep me sane + I’m getting real orders, so my hobby is paying itself now 🙂

I’m finally learning not to be so hard on myself, I can like more than one thing and also be good at all, as long as there is love behind every passion, success will follow.

Thanks for reading!

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