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Cinco de Mayo… On the Siete de Mayo

So, may was about the start, we still hadn’t had a house warming party or anything, weather started to be pretty decent, we’ve been baking a lot, working on different recipes… So, timing was perfect to have a party and since my obssesion with themes grows and grows, Cinco de Mayo felt just fine!

Cinco de mayo, fiesta, decor, burrito bar

Cinco de mayo, fiesta, cake pops

Cinco de mayo, burrito bar, fiesta

Mark made his amaaaazing spicy cupcakes… A mix of spicy chocolate cake and even spicier cream cheese froasting…Cupcakes, spicy, cinco de mayo, fiesta

Cinco de mayo, guacamole, fiesta, burrito bar

Cinco de mayo, pico de gallo, burrito bar, fiesta

Cinco de mayo, cake pops, cake pop cone, fiesta

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